Should You Stick To A Watering Schedule?

Should You Stick To A Watering Schedule?

Have you ever read that you should pick one day of the week to make your designated watering day? Well to be honest, it is really hard to take proper care of your houseplants if you are sticking to a strict watering schedule.

There are a couple of reasons as to why you need to be more flexible when it comes to watering. First, all houseplants have different watering needs. Some need to dry out between waterings and other like to stay moist, making it potentially dangerous to be watering all your houseplants on the same day.

Next, the environment plays a huge role in determining if it’s time to water. As the amount of sunlight, the temperature and the amount of humidity in the air changes, your plants’ watering needs change as well.

Sticking to a strict watering schedule sounds great in theory but we have to learn to be flexible if we want our plant babes to thrive. 

If you’re the type of person that lives by a schedule, pick one day and make it your designated plant care day, not a watering day. This can be the day where you check in with all your plant babes and see which need some water or attention.