Nursery Pot Plant Care Hack

Nursery Pot Plant Care Hack

Having the proper drainage for your houseplants is one of the most important things you can do for your plant babes.

It is a must to have drainage holes in all the pots and planters you use. Without these drainage holes, your plants are much more susceptible to root rot and other fungi & diseases.

It’s really unfortunate that most decorative pots and planters do not have drainage holes, but I have an easy fix for that problem.

Simply keep your plant babes in their nursery pots and then plop them in the decorative pot!


Almost every single one of my houseplants lives in a nursery pot that is placed in a decorative planter. The only time I do not do this is when I’m using terra cotta pots.

This little nursery pot hack makes it so much easier to care for your plant babes. This hack takes away some of the stress of being a plant parent because you know all your houseplants have the proper drainage they need.